The Challenges Facing College Students

The transition into college represents a major developmental milestone for most young adults.  For many, it is the first time they are truly independent and responsible for navigating the complexities of life.  Despite approaching college with high hopes and good intentions, a great number of students quickly find themselves overwhelmed by academic life, new relationships, and basic tasks of daily living. As a result, many students begin to experience distress, which surfaces in the form of confusion, anxiety & worry, feelings of insecurity, or problematic behaviors such as substance abuse.


My Experience / Expertise

As a psychologist and former lecturer at the University of Colorado’s Psychology and Neuroscience Department I have specific interest and expertise in helping college students negotiate the issues that may arise during college.  A sample of the most common issues that I see in college students are listed below:

  • Individuation and Identity formation
  • Academic stress and problems with organization
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Dependence
  • Relationship Concerns
  • Psychological Disorders, including Depression and Anxiety


As a student living away from home for the first time, and as a parent having a child away from home, having support available is invaluable.  I routinely work with college students, and when appropriate I collaborate with parents to help students re-orient themselves to healthy functioning.